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Throwback Thursday: Vintage Australian Beekeeping Documentary


Now that I’m directing a documentary about sustainable beekeeping, I find myself combing the interweb for old-timey photographs of how bees were managed before we became smart about our technology and stupid about our agricultural practices. So I was super-excited to find this documentary short from 1947 about migratory beekeepers in Australia.

My main question after viewing this film is: Are Australian beekeepers still bionic? Because the three level hives the two beekeepers are loading on and off their truck, without the help of a forklift, weigh at least 100 pounds each. Also, I know there are plenty of backyard beekeepers who don’t wear any protective gear while working their bees, but this is the first time I’ve seen commercial beekeepers in shorts.

This film is from the NSFA Film Australia Collection, an archive of approximately 5000 films produced by the Australian government between 1913 and 2008. I highly recommend their youtube channel.

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