Miss Roman Apartment Has A Shocking Revelation

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I’ve been working with some friends on a really crazy project this week. On Monday, Mtv informed record producer Tomas Costanza that they would be shooting the exterior as well as the interior of his recording studio. Which is problematic. Because as fabulous as the interior of his studio is, the yard is the taste of the original owner (R.I.P. Darla) of the property, which can only be described as “Drunkard Nephew Inherits Grandma’s House.” Tomas called Senor Amor and Jonana, who designed the interiors of his home and studio, for emergency garden design help. I hooked them up with my favorite exotic plant nursery, which happens to be located in the backyard of my friend and landscape designer, Lora Hall. Between the three of them, they should be able to come up with a tiki oasis to rival Fantasy Island by the first day of shooting, which is by the way, tomorrow.

Cut to: Senor Amor offering me a job as a gardener for $15 an hour at midnight on Tuesday.

While $15 an hour isn’t the biggest payday ever, I get to work for friends on a unique project. Also, since 2010 is the year that I fix my life, it’s also the year that I take every dinky paying job that comes my way, since many of the items on my to do list come with a hefty price tag. The mini-gig scenario is actually working out really well. In addition to working three days for Jonona and Senor Amor, I’ve managed to review approximately nine zillion terrible young adult novels from the Bologna Book Fair since last friday. “I’ve worked every single day for money for the last seven days,” I thought to myself smugly as I planted the succulent bed in the backyard. “That is so awesome.”

My self-congratulations lasted about forty-five seconds until I realized that, um, MOST PEOPLE work every day for money. It’s called a salary.

I’ve been self-employed as a film producer for so long that I totally forgot that most people don’t work on spec for years until their movies get green lit. That, and I’m a dumbass.

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