Today I ran into Helen, a really old friend who I haven’t seen in years, at Trader Joe’s. She tells me that Pablo, the five year old son of two of our mutual pals is fighting cancer. Which is just the worst news. My heart just breaks as she gives me the horrible details of his chemotherapy.

Helen is running the direct donation blood bank for Pablo. Pablo is Type O. I am Type A+. I’m totally bummed I’m not a match, even though I’m too anemic to donate whole blood anyway.

Helen tells me that she’s also short on platelet donors. “Oh my God!” I yell as I yank up my sweater sleeve, “Check out my track marks!” The two annoying women who were trying to shove by me to get at the German Wheat Beer, turn abruptly and skitter away before I can add, “I donate platelets twice a month!”

(Because there are no red blood cells in platelets–the clotting element in blood–it doesn’t matter that I don’t have the same blood type as Pablo).

I feel strangely honored to be able to donate my sticky blood product.

Go here for details on how to donate platelets to Pablo or another kid:

Go here to find out how you can help Pablo fight cancer.

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