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It’s An Out-hole, Not An In-hole

I was so pleased with how we handled the difficult trap out location at Karen’s and Jessi’s house yesterday. Then, today, while I was standing in the shower, (I get all my best ideas while in the shower) I realized that I’d installed the one way exit on the wall entrance of the Crotch Banger hive inside out. Instead of it being a one way exit, and forcing the bees to vacate the wall and move into the cardboard nuc box, I’d created a one way entrance trapping the bees inside the hive.

With wet hair, I went back to the trap out location. I put on my bee suit, fired up the smoker, climbed over the fence, climbed over the next fence, (banged my crotch), and flipped the one way entrance to make it a one way exit.

The second after I flipped the exit, hundreds of bees started pouring out of the exit like fans at a Who concert. There were so many bees struggling to get out of the wall, I added a second one way exit. I was relieved that the bees were curious, hovering around me before taking off to forage for food and water, rather than defensive.

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