My Fig Tree is a Fica

Fica means fig in Italian. It’s also an Italian slang term for women who look and act like Paris Hilton. Fig leaves have been used for centuries by prudish church types to cover the goodie-bits of famous statues. Connect the linguistic dots…

Today I picked five pounds of figs off the tree in my backyard. Not only is fig juice harder to get off your skin than beach tar, it appears that I’m allergic to the sticky goo as well. I have an itchy rash all over my arms. So maybe there’s another reason why fica has a second meaning…

I drove the figs over to my Psychic Friend who will turn the purple fruits into her Blue Ribbon-winning Caravan Fig Spread. I don’t waste my apparently very expensive and fancy variety of figs by letting them rot on the ground, and my friend gets free food.

She informs me of something I already know–that she’s giving a canning lesson to Ellen, a fellow compactor…in exchange for a donation.

A donation? My friends are really too nice, which is why not many of them are rich. My Psychic Friend has problems charging money for teaching what she considers, “A life skill.”

“Do you think $40 is fair?” I ask her. “Because that’s what I’m going to tell people it costs to come over and assist your canning efforts. You can give them a free jar in return for their work if you feel guilty about opening your home to total strangers for $40.”

So far, including myself, I’ve got 10 people signed up for her next “class.” Canning is the new knitting.

But she insists on comping me the $40 class fee in exchange for more figs.

Was I complaining about figs? Figs are awesome.

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