Miss Moneybags

Mail Order Catalogs=The Devil

Okay. This is sad.

I bought a lightly used black and white striped sweater on ebay last week by J. Crew. ($52). Since I haven’t bought anything from J. Crew in such a long time and I couldn’t try on the ebay sweater for obvious reasons, I went by my local store while running errands to try on a couple sweaters to make sure I still fit a medium and they haven’t done anything weird to their fit like changing their sizing. While I was in the store, I picked up the current catalog as “future reference.” My business stuff is starting to look worn since I haven’t replaced anything since I started The Compact almost three years ago that didn’t start as someone else’s cast off. I figured I’d keep the catalog on file so in the future I can do price comparisons when I ebay shop, and not do that dumb thing where you spend more to buy on ebay than the item cost new at the store in the first place.

Even though I haven’t succumbed and bought anything new from J. Crew, I actually read the entire catalog. Yes. I read it. All the ridiculous “pretty is in” fashion copy. I keep petting it like a treasure.

For extra pathetic points, even though the outfits showcasing the clothes are extra cute, I don’t actually live in a climate where I could ever layer 4 items of clothing to replicate any of the “fall looks.”

Oh, and I’m officially old because all the models for women’s wear now look like children to me.

It has represented a good hour of quality entertainment. So maybe that’s worth something?

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