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Do you feel the rift in the Time/Space continuum? You should, because you are reading a blog post from the future.

As I write this it is 8:47 on November 14, 2008. I’m posting what I did today, November 3rd, 2008, from the future so I don’t ruin the surprise for my friend The Non-Consumer Advocate, who has been known to read this blog.

Today I sent seven Star Trek action figures to my friend The Non-Consumer Advocate. I had failed to sell the toys at our fancy garage sale over the weekend, even though they were reasonably priced at $20. And, we couldn’t sell them on ebay, even though the figurines are a limited edition, highly collectible, very expensive set, not because Mr. Foxypants had opened the original package so he could play with them, but because he had removed all the weapons and accessories and put them into an Altoid tin “for safekeeping.”

And then he lost the Altoid tin somewhere in the garage.

I can’t believe how well the last two sentences explain my boyfriend.

But back to my gift to the N-CA and why I just didn’t sell the Star Trek toys on Craigslist. One thing that I’ve learned this year is that giving up things of value doesn’t bother me at all if that super-fabulous whatever goes to the perfect home. And who could provide a more perfect home to phaserless Star Trek figurines than the Non-Consumer Advocate?

(Yes. I know there is technology that allows me to do some fancy highlighted text that links directly to her blog instead of writing out the entire address to that specific blog entry. And I don’t know that technology. But get over it, okay? How many of you have mastered time travel like I clearly have)?

At any rate, yesterday, Wednesday, November the 12th, (for those of you not familiar with screenwriting lingo, this is known as a Flash Forward even though I’m writing about something that’s already happened because I’m writing this from the future) I received the following email from The N-CA:

“I got home after a long drive (3-1/2 rainy hours) back from the beach yesterday to find your package.

I took it into the kitchen to cut it open, and had to call the boys to join me when I spied the contents. I had a hard time though, as I was laughing really hard.


My son (the 10-year-old) has them all lined up in front of his fish tank, which looks cool as they’re all backlit. He doesn’t like that I told him they were mine to share and not just his.

I want to take a picture of him with them for you to show “Mr. Foxypants.” So he can see they went to a loving home. They’ve been added to our “Guinan” and “Picard.” So far they’re playing nicely with minimal conflict. Although . . . Kirk and Sulu have been having their issues.”

See? The perfect home. Now I’m glad I didn’t sell them at the garage sale. That $20 would not have been nearly as satisfying as that thank you note.


  1. thenonconsumeradvocate
    Posted November 14, 2008 at 6:56 am | Permalink

    Thanks again.

    Kirk thanks you.
    Spock thanks you.
    Chekhov thanks you.
    Sulu thanks you.
    McCoy thanks you.
    Sulu thanks you.
    Uhura thanks you.
    Weird reptile alien guy thanks you.
    Extra dressed up Kirk thanks you.

    The Non-Consumer Advocate thanks you.

  2. thenonconsumeradvocate
    Posted November 17, 2008 at 5:28 am | Permalink

    Send me cool stuff, and I’ll be happy to supply the thank you notes.

    Your friend,

    The Non-Consumer Advocate

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