Miss Moneybags

I’m A Guest Blogger On Wise Bread Today!

Go here: Last week Wise Bread, one of my favorite frugality/personal finance sites, posted an invite for guest bloggers. I submitted several story ideas at 11pm and the following morning I woke up to an email asking me to write my zucchini pitch into an 800 word column. Yay! How much do I love immediate gratification?

Even though the 800 word story only earned me $10 Amazon gift card, I’m so excited that my little article was published! Today, the editor who worked with me on the zucchini story sent me an email telling me that she’ll be contacting me about my other story ideas. Yay! Potential future work!

While I can’t put the $10 Amazon gift card directly into my 100k savings account, I’m hoping to use it down the road to offset the cost of some of my Italian textbooks…and put that money I save on books into savings.

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