How To Have A Gift Free Christmas On Talk Credit Radio

Today, by every definition of the word, I am snotty. I have the death flu that’s going around and it’s just my luck that I had a radio interview today with Gerri Detweiler, the host of Talk Credit Radio, while super congested.

If there’s an award for “Snottiest Radio Guest” I would win it.

Gerri tracked me down for an interview about my family’s gift-free Christmas policy after reading my Wise Bread article “How My Hoarder Family Saved Christmas” on the MSN Money blog.

For the streaming audio link go here.

To listen on itunes go here.

Previous to her email inquiry, I’d never heard of Gerri or her radio show, which is based out of Florida. Her show is really, REALLY good. I don’t know why she’s not as well known outside of the South as Dave Ramsey. I’m really looking forward to being a guest on her show again in the future.

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