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My Garden Hack Is On The ReadyMade Blog!

I love magazines. I used to subscribe to 26 different publications. I had so many magazines that my friends nicknamed me “Magazina.” I’m sure that I could have bought a house five years sooner than I did, had I not subscribed to so many decorating publications.

At any rate, with what I think amounts to a tremendous show of self-control, I’ve managed to whittle down my magazine subscriptions to just one magazine: ReadyMade.

So I am really excited to announce that ReadyMade published my garden hack as a reader tip on the ReadyMade Blog!

For all of you who asked about my creative process, here’s the conversation I had with myself after I discovered that my boyfriend threw out my seed starter tray.

1. WTF? Who throws away tools? Oh. My. God.

2. Why did I bring all my 4 inch pots back to the farmers market
instead of hoarding them like a crazy person?

3. Damn. I recycled all the egg cartons.

4. Wow. Making origami starter pots out of folded newspaper is kind of
a huge time suck hole.

5. Hmmm…Maybe I can duct tape together some of my boyfriend’s
collectible action figures that are taking up space in the garage to
make starter pots?

6. I should empty the compost bucket in the kitchen. I can’t
believe eight pounds of tangerines only made 40 ounces of tangerine
jam. Look at all these peels! Oh, wait.

Yes. That’s exactly how it happened. I was grumpily making fruit
preserves while obsessing about my missing seed tray. I wish I had a
better story, but I thought of the peels because they were getting in
my way.

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