Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Aloe Vera

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So, more trading today. I’m trying to start a “gardener’s guild” in my area made up of master gardeners, backyard homesteaders, and other random collectors of plants. We’ll work on each other’s gardens, trade plants and produce, and generally come up with ways to get more people growing stuff in our neighborhood.

So I was so pleased that my old neighbor Laura showed up this morning bearing surplus meyer lemons, an assortment of black and purple succulents, and two giant stalks of sticks of fire for my yard. We worked pretty much all day digging up the plants in the little 6×4 bed in the front yard that unintentionally became a leachfield when the sewer pipe under my house popped open two years ago. Bleh. Raw sewage in the front yard. Good times.

At any rate, we managed to clear the THIRTY plants that were jammed into that space, and amended the clay soil which unfortunately has the consistency of sticky poo.

Tomorrow we will hack back the other side of the front yard which is massively overgrown. Then we’ll replant both sides of the yard.

I am SO EXCITED about getting this done. I have been hating the front yard of the house since we moved in two years ago. It just looked so dumpy and sad. It would have taken me forever to get this done, but it’ll be done in two days with Laura’s help. She’s a great gardener and a crazy worker.

We went to a couple nurseries and bought a couple plants that should work well with plants I already have and with the succulents that Laura brought over. We had to laugh when we priced out the plants at the nursery. Had I paid for the plants Laura brought me, I’d be about $300 poorer.

In return for all her help, I’m going to give Laura a full day of pruning and weeding help in her yard, first dibs on all the plants that are getting culled from my yard, and the vintage faux bois concrete birdbath base.

Both of us are extremely pleased with this arrangement.

I’m probably going to have about 100 plants to give away when we’re done pruning and culling which I’m going to offer to my gardener, my permaculture neighbor, and pretty much anyone on my street who needs or wants them.

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