Frock By Friday, Embellished Knit Month, Thrift Store Thursday: Kathleen Frances Never Sleeps

Sometimes I’m dumb. I just figured out that I have been craft-stalking one person, Kathleen Frances, through multiple sewing, craft and sustainability websites. Kathleen Frances created the gorgeous blog grosgrain fabulous and is the mastermind behind a number of spectacular needle working tutorials and challenges including:

Frock By Friday

Embellished Knit Month

Thrift Store Thursday

Blargh. Just look at these gorgeous photographs from her website. Now I know why envy is a sin. Naturally, she can’t just be crafty. She has to look like Jessica Biel too.

I’m consumed with envy.

Oh, and did I mention that in between all her sewing challenges, tutorials and parenting, she still has time to write another blog?

Clearly she’s used some kind of dark sewing voodoo to turn herself into a zombie. She’s a crafting revenant.

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