A Dog Day (Rescheduled) Afternoon

Today Rose called me to tell me that she has to reschedule her dog’s charity garage sale. She’s going out of town for her anniversary. This change of plans was not surprising to me. Most of my friends are that special evil blend of busy and flakey. You can’t really ever get super mad at them for their lack of follow through because they are soooo busy. But this news forced me to make a decision:

Will I be nice and agree to help her on the new date or will I tell her that I am too busy? (And really, I am too busy).

I made the decision to not be that nice. I told her I couldn’t promise to help her on the day of the garage sale…whenever that may be. The soonest it will be is August–when it’s 100 degrees outside.

But I still feel bad for her dog, so I will continue to donate stuff for her to sell at the garage sale.

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