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As of Sunday nght, my computer eyboard decded that t no longer wants me to use the letters commonly pronounced as “eye” and “cay” n any typed correspondence. Sadly, wasn’t surprsed by ths at all. My computer always breas when ‘m tryng to save money. My computer lkes to eep me poor and afrad.

was gong to mae the nevtable trp to the Apple store to get t repared…whch nvolves replacng the ENTRE eyboard, not just the bum eys. t’s expensve and annoyng, especally since ‘ve already spent $300 on computer repars ths year and currently cannot afford to buy a new computer to replace ths one whch has proven to be a real dud.

Fortunately, on monday, one of my neghbors asked f he could gve me a bunch of old electroncs–Mr. Foxypants’ offce has an ewaste drop-off bn–for ewaste dsposal.

One of the many thngs nside my neghbor’s ewaste to-be-dumped box was a perfectly functonal wreless Mac eyboard!

ddn’t even have to go 24 hours wthout a workng eyboard!

‘ll be usng the wreless eyboard untl can afford to replace my laptop (whch wll probably be sometime next year).

Now, does anyone have a good homemade cleanser that’s safe for eyboards?

wirelesskeyboardHere’s my laptop with it’s “new” keyboard. Welcome back I and K!

pinkykeyboardpillowHere’s my new keyboard wrist pillow. Bye bye Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

What nutty thing have you done to extend the life of old(er) technology? Please share your superior tech fixes in the comments section so others can bow down to your genius.


  1. Kris
    Posted June 25, 2013 at 12:18 am | Permalink

    I have nothing relevant to contribute, but would like to find out where you can get keyboards that come with a free cat like that? Because that is excellent.

  2. Posted October 28, 2013 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    looks like, you are using your system in very comfortable way. it was fun to read this and thanks for sharing your story.

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