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The Crotch Banger Bees: The Next Buzzy Chapter

For the third day straight I smell like a Campfire Girl.

For those of you too old too remember that aroma, I smell of burnt kindling and cookies.

Every time I think we’ve got the Crotch Banger Bee situation worked out, I’ve got to drive back over to the trap-out, get all sweaty in my inspector jacket, and fire up the hive smoker.

I just came from the trap-out location, again. The Crotch Banger Bees were acting up…again. (By the end of this process I have a feeling that I’m going to be great friends with Jessi and Karen, the Crotch Banger Bees’ current caretakers).

Karen emailed me about an hour ago. There were tons of bees flying around the back patio, which made Karen suspect that the bees had created another entrance. Alas, she was correct. While I was pleased that the bees hadn’t breached our elaborate gaffer tape and Fedex envelope barricade that we’d shored up yesterday with more tape, I was slightly mortified that we’d been outwitted by flying insects for the third straight day. The bees had been using the weeping drainage holes in the retaining wall as entrances. We’d blocked the first two holes with cardboard and tape, but the bees had simply moved down the wall to the next drainage hole, allowing them to circumvent the one way exits we’d installed yesterday. Doh.

I plugged the new entrance/drainage hole with steel wool, which seems to be a good, non-toxic fix for the situation. Water can still drain out, but the bees can’t get into the hive. Also, it’s a much faster fix than our original cardboard and tape solution. It only took a few seconds to pack the entrance with steel wool. It’s amazing how fast bees communicate. Within a minute of me stuffing up the new entrance, the bees started using the one way exits they’d previously been avoiding.

The good news is that the bees are using the nuc box as a secondary hive. I saw bees running in and out of the nuc’s entrance hole.

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