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CSA: Farm Box Overkill

CSA: Farm Box Overkill is computer game like Farmville where you try to eat all the food in your house before it goes bad. It’s extra challenging if you play this with your husband who really likes buying random stuff at the grocery store, even though your pantry is so full that your washing machine has become a new “staging area” for canned goods.

Okay. I made that up. But I’m only my third farm box and already I am getting that panicky asset management stress that comes from not having enough space or time to deal with the care and maintenance of material goods.

Also, my washing machine really is the staging area for canned goods.

I spent the month of January trying to eat through our canned goods and dried goods, so we’ve got enough space to store the massive amounts of marmalade I’ve been making. Jam is my go-to barter currency, and my glass pantry also doubles as a gift closet. I’ve made over 150 four ounce jars of lemon marmalade, so I’m hoping that stash will hold me until I can get access to free summer fruit in a few months.

It was also time to just rotate the pantry staples. After a month of eating food that’s already in the house, we still have more food stockpiled than anyone who isn’t hoarding guns in advance of the coming “race war” should have. So, rather than give into the impulse to go shopping for anything other than milk and coffee, I’m going to continue the pantry clean out into February. Hopefully by March we’ll be eating freshly prepared, mostly vegetarian meals that are based on the contents of the farm box five nights a week.

At least that’s my goal.

This week’s farm box includes one bunch of kale, one bunch of spinach, one head of cabbage, six tangelos, seven carrots, three kiwi fruit, two ruby red grapefruits, and two avocados.

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