Colette Patterns’ Spring Palette Challenge!

I just signed up for Colette Patterns’ Spring Palette Challenge, a 10 week sewing challenge for creating a miniature spring wardrobe based on my favorite spring colors. Since my 2011 personal challenge for myself is Only Handmade, the Colette challenge dovetails perfectly with my own mandate. So, even though I’m already two weeks late to this sewing party, I couldn’t resist joining up.

And I wonder where all my free time goes.

Also, because I live in Dinky Manor, which has stupid closet space, I am forever trying to come up with ways to shrink my wardrobe. Although it seems counter-intuitive, creating a miniature spring wardrobe will actually help me fix my closet space issue by allowing me to replace some everyday pieces with customized garments that are perfectly shaped to my lifestyle and my broad shoulders. It’s all about refining and distilling my wardrobe down to only the pieces that have beauty and function.

I’m still in the scheming phase in terms of what clothes I need to make for myself by the end of March, but choosing a spring palette was cinch-y because, my 2011 spring palette is exactly the same as my summer, fall and winter palettes for every other year of my life.

I’m so predictable in my color choices that my friend Edith can predict with 100% accuracy what yarn I’m going to buy at her yarn store.

I used the highly addictive, palette website to create my palette: “Who do you love?”

Fair warning: is a total time suck hole. I was up until 4am noodling around on the website. However, I also got to name two colors that weren’t already in their color system–Sorta Coral and Pond Scum Green–which just made my inner textile nerd swoon.