Coffee for Parking

Let me just start out by saying that I’m so grateful for the DJ gig. It really has made the difference financially for us this year. But I will be so happy when we no longer need the additional $300 a week.

I’m sure I’d be crabbier about our six hour set that takes all of our Friday night if it weren’t for the parking valet. He works an eight hour shift, outside, inhaling exhaust for probably minimum wage. So it’s hard to stay grumpy about a job that consists of playing music of our choosing for $50 an hour when we see him, wearing his regulation bow tie, at the entrance to the garage, ready to start his night of reporting drunk drivers and giving change for twenty dollar bills.

He’s always super friendly when we pull up. I get the feeling that most drivers don’t have much to say to him, which is really too bad. Because like every other new immigrant, it’s pretty clear from even the most casual conversation in broken English/Spanish that he had a much better job back home in El Salvador and is way to smart for the jobs he can get here.

Last night was really chilly and he was bundled up and sniffling. I gave him the cup of coffee I’d bought for myself so he could warm up. It totally made his day…which consists of another part time job as a security guard. I’m going to start bringing him a midnight snack every Friday, if only because he’s always nice to us and reminds me that I’m so lucky that even my part time gig that I can’t wait to give up is a dream job for most people.

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