Cash Is A Boring Currency

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One of my almost new year’s resolutions is to use more “alternate currencies” instead of cash. In the past week, I’ve traded:

1. Tupperware for 15 pounds of organic granulated sugar.
2. Tupperware for a used teapot.
3. DJ services for free dinners at The Nickle.
4. Climbing rope used to suspend George Clooney from a helicopter in the film THE PEACEMAKER for a truckload of organic compost.

I’m especially proud of that last trade which was with my neighbor who owns a permaculture gardening company (who procured the organic compost from Whole Foods) and is also a volunteer member of the Mountain Search and Rescue team. I love it when I can find my weirdest possessions the perfect new home.

That said, I’ve been trying to find a dripless, 4 cup, used, teapot for over a year now, so I’m extra happy about #2. My friend Laura (who is an organic tea importer) traded me one of her used pots from work. In my relentless quest to downsize my trash output, a teapot will allow me to easily use loose tea so I won’t generate any tea bag related garbage. I’m so pleased about this.

Laura and I are also going to trade plants from our gardens as well. We’ve got enough extras to really spiff up each other’s yards without spending a cent.

Thank God for Tupperware because I’m out of jam, which was my other stand-by cash alternative.

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