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Surprise! Bee’s Cankles, Unlike Bee’s Knees, Kind Of Suck

The Speaker Bees didn’t really didn’t like it when we took apart their hive yesterday looking for open brood (baby bees) to use as bait to for a trap-out. They responded to my redecorating by literally stinging my ass off.

This is why beekeeping in skinny jeans is, perhaps, a stupid idea.

Luckily, getting stung twenty times in the meatiest part of my body didn’t really hurt that much. Getting stung twice in the ankle was another story. I’m having the histamine reaction from Hell.

I woke up this morning with a bee sting-induced cankle. My left ankle and foot are so puffed up that I’m going to have to wear my bedroom slippers to work, and hope that no one notices that I’m rocking the Midwest Grandma look.

Yep, the bee’s cankles. Totally not as cute as the bee’s knees. The perils of urban farming.

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  1. Posted April 9, 2011 at 11:20 pm | Permalink

    Yup ankles are THE worst place to get stung, I have been stung on the soles of my feet, parts of my face, fingers (palms and backs), arms, chest, legs, back, armpits. But ankles are the worst, hurts like hell, swells and lasts a few days. Wrists are bad too but no ware near as bad. I am so envius of your LA temperatures, my bees are just starting to find pollen now but your getting swarms 😛

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