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August 11, 2008

I’m bummed out to discover that my recycle-mania wasn’t as fully successful as I’d given myself credit for. There were half empty bottles left all over the set yesterday which I didn’t know about. The location manager was kind of furious with the level of trash left on the set. There was a half full bag of plastic bottles he’d collected the night before unceremoniously plunked where I could see it on the IRON MAN set where I’d set up craft services yesterday. Sigh.

I tell the production assistants to help me round up bottles and to put recycling bags next to every trash bin. It’s my contribution to the planet to help stop the disgusting waste that happens on every set where even aluminum cans are thrown away. But since I plan on bringing the bottles and cans to the recycling center for cash, I can’t call my recycling demands on set my nice act of the day since I’ll be receiving compensation. Even though I’m driving sticky bags of used Gatorade bottles in the backseat of my car and will receive very little money in for my troubles, I still feel like I’m cheating by not being “nice with no strings attached” by accepting even small change.

I also wonder if my guilt is rational, or just me being obsessive compulsive.

After wrapping the show for the day I drive over to K.’s house to bake and frost the rest of the prop cakes for the prop master’s T.V. show. I’m in her garage, putting the first of the cakes into her spare fridge, when I notice the huge bins of recycling taking over an entire parking space.

“What’s up with the mountain of plastic bottles in your garage?” I ask her. As it turns out her son is collecting recyclables to raise money for his boy scout troup.

Recycling bottles for cash isn’t a random act of kindness…unless you donate that income to a worthy cause, like a group of ten year old boys saving up to buy whittling supplies.

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