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Alternative Lifestyle: My Second Hand Life Featured On The Jeff Probst Show

Last Wednesday I was a guest on Jeff Probst‘s new daytime talk show. The title of the show was “Could You Live Like That?” My segment is called “The Bride Who Spent $159 On Her Wedding.” Apparently the most notable aspect of my commitment to not buying new stuff, was the fact that I had a wedding that I fully financed by having a garage sale.

As of today, you can watch the full episode on the web.

My favorite moment in the show–which you can see in the promo–was Jeff Probst’s misuse of the word “evacuating.” What I didn’t realize from watching Survivor is that Jeff, in addition to being really articulate, is also very funny in real life. So I am not sure if his use of the word evacuating to describe a shitty boyfriend was an intentional double entendre or just a happy accident. Whatever. I think it’s hilarious.

I am also featured in a web-only extra talking about second hand shopping tips.

On a side note, I showed up for the interview wearing a striped shirt, like I wear pretty much every day of my life, but was forced to change it because the contrast was causing the old-school television cameras to strobe. The wardrobe department was nice enough to find me a replacement (second hand) shirt to wear instead. Alas, the only top that “matched” my shirt and was in my size that they had on hand was that fugly pink shirt. So, I made my daytime talk show debut wearing what looks like surgical scrubs. Also I have two words to describe the fit: Shelf Boobs.

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  1. dave
    Posted October 3, 2012 at 12:23 am | Permalink

    Jeff seems like a very sincere person. I suspect that that very unpolishedness is exploited regularly by his producer, and that’s why they featured that moment in the teaser. It’s edgy.

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