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All My Hundred Acre Woods Fantasies Fulfilled!

I have many desires that I cannot explain. Like, my love of shoes for example. Or, my goal of joining Volvo’s Million Mile Club. Or, the fact that I’ve been pining for a Bee Gum since I read about them on one of the numerous bee sites I’ve been frequenting lately (and too often). I have no idea where this weird, Pooh Bear-oriented fetish came from, but I can’t stop wishing that bees would move into one of the trees on my property.

I do know that my nutty fixations are, in part, the result of my crap brain chemistry. After all, I can’t blame my desire for a log full of bees on modern advertising or American consumer culture, now can I? I know these thoughts are just the OCD talking. “You do realize,” my friend and fellow tweaker, Todd, commented recently, “that you’re hoarding bees?”

Naturally my worries about becoming the Crazy Bee Lady in my old age were shoved aside the second I discovered that Kirk had a bee log up for adoption. (What’s even better, is that Kirk is willing to trade me the bee log in exchange for jam).

At 7:30 this morning we picked up the bee log from Kirk who had been storing it for us at the garden in Chinatown. Since the car trunk was full, we put the bees in the backseat and drove home wearing our bee suits.

Thankfully, we live five minutes away from Chinatown, because who knew bee veils had so many blind spots, and getting pulled over by CHiPs would have been interesting.

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