The Master List

As my 2010 Resolution is to “fix my life,” I thought it might be a good idea to keep a running list of all the unfinished projects that are knocking around the inside of my head and cluttering my house. Of course, this list is in no particular order. But let’s face it. If I were that organized, would I need to fix my life in the first place?

  1. Design and build the koizebo.
  2. Prune and replant the front yard.
  3. Prune and replant the beds in front of the house.
  4. Edit wedding videos for Ted and Sue.
  5. Plant herb garden in raised bed. DONE! 03.15.10
  6. Plant veggie garden.
  7. Restore Kelbo’s tiki.
  8. Clear brush from lower yard.
  9. Plant lower yard.
  10. Hem jeans.
  11. Finish Julien’s birthday present.
  12. Restring fake pearls.
  13. Repaint coffee table.
  14. Make housewarming gift for my sister.
  15. Organize and produce crafting marathon weekend.
  16. Make jean skirt.
  17. Embroider gray vintage jacket to cover moth holes.
  18. Finish owl sweater.
  19. Finish black cashmere sweater.
  20. Finish hand-dyed alpaca sweater.
  21. Finish stripey baby sweater.
  22. Repair Cat In The Hat scarf. DONE! 04.15.10
  23. Repair gray cable knit sweater.
  24. Hem bunny shirt.
  25. Shorten sleeves of Backwards Beekeeping shirt.
  26. Resole penny loafers.
  27. Stretch riding boots. DONE! 09.06.10
  28. Finish quilt for Spencer.
  29. Finish quilt for Parker.
  30. Finish quilt for Alexandra.
  31. Finish crocheted comforter.
  32. Repaint linen closet.
  33. Crochet hat, collar and cuffs for Linda’s coat.
  34. Knock off favorite dress and make a new dress + pattern.
  35. Move knobs on bathroom cabinets.
  36. Repaint bathroom cabinets.
  37. Caulk around bathtub.
  38. Assemble swarm trap.
  39. Assemble and paint hive #5.
  40. Make cotton dress quilt.
  41. Make kimono silk quilt.
  42. Make reversible wrap skirt.
  43. Knit beaded scarf.
  44. Finish green baby sweater.
  45. Make more homemade laundry detergent.
  46. Repaint Agricola pieces.
  47. Pick Angela’s Seville oranges and make marmalade.
  48. Make new top and bottom for the log bees.
  49. Convert metal table to hive stand.
  50. Plant shade garden.
  51. Repair moth holes in black turtleneck sweater.
  52. Touch up wall paint in the bedroom.
  53. Hang art in the laundry room.
  54. Hang painting over the stove.
  55. Touch up the mirror frame in bedroom.
  56. Repair the tombstone mirror.
  57. Sell Jadite dish set.
  58. Sell Manhattan glassware set.
  59. Sell vintage trims.
  60. Sell rhinestones. DONE! 03.27.10
  61. Sell crew jackets.
  62. Sell other film memorabilia.
  63. Dig out Scotch Broom plant in the backyard and give to Laura.
  64. Sell concrete wall fountain.
  65. Sell faux bois plant stand.
  66. Repaint telephone stand.
  67. Stay up-to-date on bookkeeping with Quickbooks.
  68. Get rid of Tupperware stash in garage.
  69. Switch office line to cell phone/get rid of duplicate domestic calling. DONE! 04.08.10
  70. Dump Earthlink email address. DONE! 03.29.10
  71. Refinance mortgage.
  72. Figure out an easier way to manage all the bank accounts.
  73. Get to pay for itself.
  74. Touch up paint in the living room.
  75. Touch up wall paint in the dining room.
  76. Reorganize and relabel kitchen cabinets and pantry.
  77. Make $1000 in garage sale earnings.
  78. Purge filing cabinet so everything fits in two drawers.
  79. Make $1000 in sales on craigslist/ebay.
  80. Make $500 in sales on
  81. Lose 10 pounds.
  82. Figure out how to run online fundraisers for MSF and Heifer International.
  83. Publish six articles on Wise Bread.
  84. Knit black cashmere beret.
  85. Finish cotton flower trivet.
  86. Take cashmere coat in for repair.
  87. Redo waistband on black tiered skirt.
  88. Return the gloves to The Dude.
  89. Return vintage Levis to The Dude.
  90. Make pattern from vintage Levis.
  91. Skunk-proof the crawl space to the house.
  92. Pinky-proof the screen door.
  93. Repaint the glider chair.
  94. Downsize cookbook collection and organize recipes.
  95. Start baking bread on a weekly basis.
  96. Repair and sell old kitchen cabinet in garage. DONE!: 06.19.10
  97. Organize hardware.
  98. Find curtain fabric for living room and make curtains.
  99. Organize paints.
  100. Start cutting garden/plant nursery to sell and donate surplus plants and seeds.
  101. Resume Italian lessons.
  102. Paint window frame in the office.
  103. Organize tool collection.
  104. Downsize tool collection.
  105. Sell or give away python wedgies. (Or repair so they fit properly)!
  106. Have taps put on shoe bottoms.
  107. Put $5000 into savings.
  108. Add family recipes to personal cookbook.
  109. Get new ironing board cover for ironing board.
  110. Track down “missing” cash from Ascent Media Corporation. DONE! 03.24.10
  111. Figure out if broken camera is part of a recall.
  112. Reorganize garage.
  113. Make a petticoat that fits under all the circle skirts.
  114. Empty Crafty Crap Bureau of old fabric and yarn stash.
  115. Use up old buttons to make button wreaths.
  116. Make vintage button cuff bracelet.
  117. Fix the garden gate.
  118. Fix the other garden gate.
  119. Reweave plaid skirt.
  120. Put new hardware on the armoire
  121. Put new hardware on the victrola cabinet.
  122. Use up the ridiculous collection of sample-sized beauty products.
  123. Reorganize cleaning supplies so everything fits under the bathroom sink.
  124. Knit a sweater for Isabella.
  125. Drive less than 5000 miles in 2010.
  126. Remove the broken, interior side pockets from Volvo.
  127. Repair and sell vintage lizard handbag. DONE!: 06.19.10
  128. Figure out what locks all the random keys in the junk drawer open.
  129. Repair the broken zipper on the purple tote bag.
  130. Repair broken picture frames.
  131. Repaint and repurpose ridiculously huge collection of old candy and tea tins.
  132. Paint kitchen doorway.
  133. Repaint dining room cabinets.
  134. Learn to manage email so that my Inbox is empty at the end of every work day.
  135. Open store on Etsy for crafty crap items DONE!: 12.31.10
  136. Move money to a smaller, community bank
  137. Finish blankie squares for Eden
  138. Repair oxford shoes
  139. Sell headboard