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Abe’s Birthday, and about pennies

It’s (still) Feb 12, which used to be Abe Lincoln’s birthday (still is) but no longer a holiday. Nevertheless, I have been collecting pennies all week wherever I find them, and adding them to my piggy bank. I took a bunch of items to two local consignment stores — one gave me $8 cash and the other is working on pricing and will keep the items for 2 months before donating if they don’t sell.

One store is for kids’ clothes, and since I have the trendy teens, she took a handful of their trendy items, while the other is for women. I took a bunch of costume jewelry to that place, and she took almost everything I had, which is very nice. My dresser top is “lighter” without those items that I never wore anyway.

Tonight I went through the DVDs that were “mine” from way back — mostly chick flicks — and will take those to the used book & DVD store fro cash tomorrow. Not sure how much I’ll get — but I’m not going to watch any more “Legally Blonde” or crappy movies about “I married my best friend’s fiance or my formerly gay friend” or whatever. Life’s too short to own crappy movies that you don’t watch, don’t you think?

And again with Coin Girl, I have found change on the street almost every day for the past week, as much as a dime, mostly pennies. Very cool.

I turned in my library books today ON TIME (no fees) and did not bounce any checks (NO FEES/PENALTIES) which for me is a pretty big deal, but may it get more usual as we proceed. I did buy 2 balls of yarn at Beverly’s (on sale) but I had a $5 gift certificate from 2005 and thus the yarn cost me just $0.55.

Today I got all my tax papers together and took them to Mr Tax Guy. I believe I will get about $1500 back, and that’s nice, but I also want to adjust my withholding ASAP so I have that money now vs later, after the government rolls around in it naked for a year. Tomorrow is payday when my first automatic savings deduction goes to my ING savings account (2.5 % interest). That will be “invisible savings, bec I don’t see that account unless I go there online. I am not likely to spend what isn’t accessible in my checking account and tied to my ATM card. I’m fooling myself into saving! How dumb am I? Or smart? Voila! I give you — Julia Tracey, Mistress of the Penny.

Sleuthing to find pennies all over town,


  1. thenonconsumeradvocate
    Posted February 14, 2009 at 6:34 am | Permalink

    I found a penny on the sidewalk today, and then found 13 more cents in the coin return at the grocery store. I also made the checker re-do my charge, as she hadn’t given me my nickel off for bring my own bag. I wasn’t rude about it, but they need to follow their own policies.

    I was buying dried black and pinto beans and bulk curry.

    I listed two items on craigslist today which should bring in $32 if they sell. (One was a pair of garbage picked shoes and the other is a pair of brand new Robeez baby shoes I bought for $1.)

    I hung laundry on an indoor line, my house is set at 60 degrees, my family is watching a library movie.

    I had a friend over and we chatted and drank tea and ate homemade muffins and then went for a walk.

    My mother came over and unloaded a box of chocolates she didn’t want to be alone with.

    I made a big batch of black bean burgers from the dried beans which I cooked in my pressure-cooker. I made extras to put in the freezer. They can be pulled out and microwaved individually.

    I posted two “wanted” ads on freecyle for primer and a muffin tin. I make double batches of muffins to freeze for kid lunches and need primer to paint a cool garbage picked bureau I’ll use as a bedside table for my son. We already have the regular paint.

    And I gave three bags of very nice hand-me-downs to a friend whose sons are stair-step younger than mine. She’s in school and was very appreciative.

    I can’t put any money into savings right now, but maybe she can!

    All-in-all, a pretty terrific day!

    Julia — I am loving reading your posts here on missmoneybags!

    Katy Wolk-Stanley

    “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”


  2. tmmorrison
    Posted February 15, 2009 at 1:33 pm | Permalink

    We too put money in and never see it until we get a monthly statement. We decided the best way to do this is a percentage over a set dollar amount that way any bonuses are automatically deducted 10 % and we never even miss it. We have had months where we wished that saving was in our pockets but we have seemed to manage with out it and so we won’t change.

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