A Bad Beginning

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Yesterday, as my first good deed of the year, I allowed some family friends to release their daughters’ goldfish into my koi pond. The fish, who I will call “Plic” and “Ploc” to protect their identity and so I can make a pretentious Francois Truffaut reference, had quadrupled in size since their adoption at the county fair ring toss last year, and their Spongebob Squarepants fishtank was getting cramped.

It was a bittersweet moment when Plic and Ploc swam out of their tank into the koi pond to meet their new neighbors. The kids stood stonefaced at the pond edge watching their former pets inspect the borders of their new 3500 gallon home. Their mom was upbeat. “Look at how big the pond is girls!” She chirped, “Plic and Ploc will be so happy here.”

This morning, when I went out to the pond, Plic and Ploc were nowhere to be found.

Is it still a good deed if the favor ends in death or dismemberment?

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