Sayonara Earthlink

How many emails are in your inbox? Because I’ve got several thousand. I spent four hours last night forwarding ancient emails from my earthlink address to my gmail address. (Ugh. Here’s an important thing to fix that I’ve now got to add to the To Do list as #133: learn to manage my email so that my Inbox is empty at the end of every work day).

This morning as a reward for all my hard work, I cancelled my earthlink address (#70 on my To Do list) that I’ve had for almost a decade. It’s $9.95 a month I just didn’t want to spend anymore.

Checking that email address was also wearing on my last nerve. Although modern life dictates that I must have sets of everything, my tweaker brain overloads when I have to do things in multiples. For my sanity, I’d really like to go back to just having one of everything. One email address. One phone number. One bank account. One beehive.

Of course I’m kidding about the one beehive. Because I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be satisfied until I’ve got thirty.

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