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52 Letters, 52 Weeks Challenge–Letter #1

Check out this fabulous, enameled and bejeweled, bee-shaped pill box my friend Stephanie sent me for, oh, no good reason. She’s definitely tuned into my psychic radio station, because I know I’ve never mentioned to her that I’ve been looking for a pill box to replace the grubby little Tupperware container I’ve been carrying around at the bottom of my handbag. It’s some sort of OCD mind meld between us. Or something.

Stephanie is one of my favorite imaginary friends. I met her, the old-fashioned way, on the internet. She’s a fellow Compactor.

It’s kind of tragic that Stephanie lives 3000 miles away from me. If she lived close by, I’m very sure that we’d spend hours together discussing books, making elaborate snacks, and enviously inventorying each other’s overwhelming crafty crap stashes.

Another thing that I’m sure of, is that if Stephanie lived in Los Angeles, she’d be a celebrity party planner. In addition to working inside and outside of the home, Stephanie is the queen of the scene in her small, upstate New York town, organizing everything from library book drives and school bake sales, to girl scout galas and charity pet parades.

One of Stephanie’s trademark events is her church’s pre-Christmas craft day where the entire congregation shows up to create a holiday themed craft…from kits that Stephanie has assembled (and sourced for free) from mostly recycled materials. Last year everyone made homemade snow globes. This year, everyone made red velvet table runners.

So I was only too excited to write her a thank you card on an old, handmade (not by me) Christmas card that I bought ten years ago and have been hoarding for the right person. And by right person, I mean Stephanie, because she can use the card as a jumping off point for this year’s Christmas craft!

(I also have to mention how overly excited I am that I got to immediately reuse that shiny, red padded envelope. It was used Christmas wrapping and it is the perfect size and color to protect the glass marbles from getting mashed by the USPS! Oh, it’s the little things in life)…

The card is made from flat glass craft marbles and decorative paper. If I can get my act together this November, I’ll use this same technique to create custom made refrigerator magnet sets that I’ll “wrap” in upcycled and bedazzled altoids tins to use as my 2011 stocking stuffers. Fair warning buddies.

To learn how to decoupage paper onto the backs of glass marbles, (or plates or tiles for that matter), check out the excellent tutorial on the craft blog Not Martha.

magnet photo credit: Not Martha

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  1. Stephanie
    Posted January 6, 2011 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

    Wow, I have never sounded so wonderful on internet paper. Thank you Max for making me feel glorious! I’m so happy the bee turned out to be a pill box and is useful to you. Can’t wait to steal your Christmas card idea!
    And, Max, if I lived in your neck of the woods we would have a fantastic celebrity event planning business together and our compact friends could all add their special talents to make it a success! Well, that’s one fantasy business idea.
    Thanks again!

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