Not Working At Hollywood But At Least My House Is Clean

I had like the nastiest fun fur style yarn in “rainbow sherbert” and a bunch of partial skeins of pink and magenta “fashion” yarns that I’d gotten for free at a swap party taking up precious real estate in my crafty crap bureau (formerly the much larger crafty crap closet). I hated the yarn. It was so cheesey. But being Miss O’frugal McHoarder Knittypants, naturally I couldn’t just get rid of it. What! Get rid of yarn? Ever? Never!

So to make a long story short, I just finished knitting the cheesey yarn bits into a stripey hat for Foxyniece’s birthday present while at a friend’s BBQ. Everyone told me that the hat is super cute without any prompting. Which is good. Because even though I think it knit up pretty well, it’s like My Pretty Pony barf…or something. Luckily, Foxyniece is turning 5 next week and is the girliest girl ever. So it’s that perfect, horrible little girl combination of fluffy, pastels, and sparkles. She will love it since her clothes are just one scary step away from beauty pageant apparel.

I used up ALL the cheesey yarn. And by all I mean I had to walk a mile (trying to drive less) to my nearest knitting friend to get some of her leftover hot pink yarn to finish the hat. No buying new! Downsizing! No waste! A custom-made birthday gift!

I may be failing at Hollywood this week, but I’m kicking butt on emptying my house. I wonder which of those two activities will actually generate more money for me by the year’s end?

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