BFD Interviews My Bees (And My Friends Too)

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“I don’t know about you, but I never did enjoy anyone suppressing my reproductive cycle.” Last week the BFD (Brain Food Daily) crew interviewed my bees and also filmed some stuff with my friends Kirk Anderson and Russell Bates, two of the founders of The Backwards Beekeepers Club in Los Angeles.

CSA: My New Favorite Subscription Isn’t A Magazine

My Community Supported Agriculture subscription is my new favorite thing. Even though we’re still eating our way through last week’s farm box, I couldn’t pass up this week’s. It’s like having my birthday every Thursday afternoon. And weirdly thrilling. This week’s farm box includes two Pink Lady apples (that I’ve already eaten), four sweet potatoes, […]

Community Sponsored Agriculture For Dummies (Yes, That’s Me).

Ugh. I’ve reached a new height of stupidity. My local grade school has a weekly CSA farm box program that I’ve been wanting to join for the past two years. I mean what could be better? I get a box of organic produce, support local farmers, and support my local public school. There is no […]

My 2013 New Year’s Resolution: More Money, Less Dusting

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