Get Rid Of 10 Things A Day: What Left My House in 2012

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My November 1, 2001 Resolution was “Get Rid Of 10 Things A Day.” I was living in a small house with no closet space and a lot of clutter. Since there’s very little I hate more than the daily packing and unpacking of stuff from storage, I tended to stack things that needed to be […]

Jam Session: The Master Lemon Marmalade Recipe

December 14, 2012 by  
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I’ve been hysterically making lemon marmalade all week in preparation for my open house/craft fair I’m hosting this weekend. In general, I think marmalade is gross. Most marmalades are either too sweet, or too bitter, or too chewy. After a year of failed marmalade experiences, I finally developed a recipe for lemon marmalade that I […]

How To Have A Gift Free Christmas On Talk Credit Radio

December 13, 2012 by  
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Today, by every definition of the word, I am snotty. I have the death flu that’s going around and it’s just my luck that I had a radio interview today with Gerri Detweiler, the host of Talk Credit Radio, while super congested. If there’s an award for “Snottiest Radio Guest” I would win it. Gerri […]

How My Hoarder Family Saved Christmas Published by MSN Money!

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The personal finance site hired me last month as a staff writer! Finally, all my years of poverty pay off. My first published article as a staff writer, How My Hoarder Family Saved Christmas, was just picked up today by MSN Money. Wise Bread has a syndication partnership with MSN. Every week MSN Money […]