The Uniform Project

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Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

Bring It On 10th Anniversary Screening

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Last night Ain’t It Cool News programmed a special 10th Anniversary screening of one of my films at The New Beverly Cinema, which was super fun and super flattering! One of my boyfriend’s only flaws was that he had never seen Bring It On. He finally saw it last night with me and now is […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation Of Re-gifting

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Almost two years ago I sent a set of Star Trek Figurines as a surprise gift to The Non-Consumer Advocate who is an intractable sci-fi geek. (Sorry, gentlemen, she’s taken–and not in The Fourth Kindof way). Today she sent me this photograph: With this explanation: I took the family to go see the fantastic “Star […]

Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment To Sparklemotion

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One of my very favorite things about my Hollywood job is my ability to call up artists who I respect, and actually have them agree to have lunch with me. One of my favorite actors (and favorite humans) is Beth Grant, who always turns in an amazing performance even if she has no dialogue. Even […]