Wise Bread Post #3 Is Published!

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I was so excited when another $10 credit showed up in my Amazon Account last night. I thought it was Wise Bread giving me an extra treat because my last guest post ended up getting republished on a couple other financial blogs including MSN Money. This morning, my 3rd guest post was actually published. So, […]

Mail Order Catalogs=The Devil

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Okay. This is sad. I bought a lightly used black and white striped sweater on ebay last week by J. Crew. ($52). Since I haven’t bought anything from J. Crew in such a long time and I couldn’t try on the ebay sweater for obvious reasons, I went by my local store while running errands […]

My Argument Against Personal Storage Was Picked Up By MSN MONEY!

October 15, 2009 by  
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This article was originally published on Wise Bread, the personal finance site six days ago. Today, one of my friends on The Compact Message Board told me that it’s the lead story on MSN Money’s splash page! Here’s the complete text of my article: THE SAD MUSEUMS This week I did an intervention on Sarah, […]

If Only Every Wikipedia Page Were This Funny

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In an effort to become a honey tycoon, I’ve been reading a lot of obscure beekeeping-related materials. I love how Justin O. Schmidt describes the sensation of being stung by various stinging insects like he is reviewing fine wines. The Schmidt Sting Pain Index or the Justin O. Schmidt Pain Index is a pain scale […]