Astrid’s Maiden Voyage

August 31, 2008 by  
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I took the huge shipping crate containing Astrid, my new bike (Yay! My bike) to the Bike Oven, my local bike co-operative, today for expert advice on reassembling it. I discovered two things: 1. A lot of guys who are into biking and neighborhood co-ops are really cute. I must file this information away to […]

My Fig Tree is a Fica

August 30, 2008 by  
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Fica means fig in Italian. It’s also an Italian slang term for women who look and act like Paris Hilton. Fig leaves have been used for centuries by prudish church types to cover the goodie-bits of famous statues. Connect the linguistic dots… Today I picked five pounds of figs off the tree in my backyard. […]

Can You Dig It?

August 29, 2008 by  
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A woman named Ellen from The Compact emailed me off-list today. She wanted my expert advice on how to compost. Which, funnily enough, is something that comes up pretty often with me. I guess I’m just really out about all the thrilling details of my life which include knitting, composting and training the cats how […]

Recycling Old Eyeglasses

August 27, 2008 by  
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Today I mailed my old eyeglasses to the Lions Club who will forward my very wacky prescription on to my eyeball twin somewhere in the Third World. And by old I mean my glasses from college that I stopped wearing in the last century. I hope there’s not a time limit on random acts of […]

Stick With Your Day Job

August 20, 2008 by  
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I spent the day writing notes on a script written by a friend who used to be an executive. The company he worked for folded and he’s spending his out-of-work time interviewing for jobs with fifty other applicants and writing a screenplay “that he’s been thinking about since college.” He asked me to read his […]

If I’m Gloating, It’s Probably Not Nice

August 19, 2008 by  
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Mr. Foxypants just announced that he will be taking the entire month of October off from work… wait for it…. to go through the garage and all his earthy possessions and downsize! And I didn’t even have to be a nagging shrew to get him to this decision. Since we moved into Dinky Manor in […]

Be Prepared To Be Nice

August 5, 2008 by  
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August 11, 2008 I’m bummed out to discover that my recycle-mania wasn’t as fully successful as I’d given myself credit for. There were half empty bottles left all over the set yesterday which I didn’t know about. The location manager was kind of furious with the level of trash left on the set. There was […]

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