Follow up on Boy Wonder’s Script

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Today I received this email from my literary manager friend about my intrepid assistant’s script: This is fucking hilariously awesome. Really funny …story’s a little allover the place but I have some ideas …would love to sit down with him…let me know when I immediately connected the manager to Boy Wonder via email. Perhaps this […]

Love Thy Neighbors

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I am so lucky to have neighbors who I can also call my friends. Today I was a food stylist for a tv show. I baked a bunch of edible props for the actors to eat as part of a sight gag. Since I didn’t want to spend all day slaving over a hot stove […]


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Today I drove my psychic friend to a meeting she had to attend. As a native New Yorker, she’s never learned how to drive, even though she’s lived in LA for 20 years. She calls me from time to time to ask me if I can drive her to various events, like the county fair, […]

Not Working At Hollywood But At Least My House Is Clean

I had like the nastiest fun fur style yarn in “rainbow sherbert” and a bunch of partial skeins of pink and magenta “fashion” yarns that I’d gotten for free at a swap party taking up precious real estate in my crafty crap bureau (formerly the much larger crafty crap closet). I hated the yarn. It […]

My New (Insane) Bastille Day Resolution

Today I wrote several long posts to The Compact list about my insanity. I’ve written about my OCD nuttiness before, so it’s not like that’s anything new, or a secret revealed. It began with me announcing my plan on downsizing my belongings by 90% by the end of the year (as compared to what they […]

A Dog Day (Rescheduled) Afternoon

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Today Rose called me to tell me that she has to reschedule her dog’s charity garage sale. She’s going out of town for her anniversary. This change of plans was not surprising to me. Most of my friends are that special evil blend of busy and flakey. You can’t really ever get super mad at […]

Ahoy Matey!

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Mr. Foxypants is obsessed with having a home orchard. In the past month he’s brought home an avocado, a nectarine, an apricot, an orange and a lime tree. Did I mention that we already have a lemon, a lime, an avocodo, a fig, a loquat and an apricot tree already? Every morning he goes out […]