May 19th ** Sue

Today I agreed to help Sue, a secondary character in my best friend‘s documentary about hillbilly culture, knit a baby blanket for her three month old daughter. I told my friend that if Sue knit up the squares for the blanket, that I would assemble/finish the blanket for her. Did I mention that finishing is […]

Caller ID is the Devil

May 20, 2008 by  
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Today I slipped into an old habit–I avoided answering the phone. Back in the old time-y days before I had caller ID, I used to be forced to answer my phone or spend all day checking my messages to see who called. Oh hi! You’re a debt collector. Why hello random crazy person! You’re calling […]

NYFA Pitch Fest–May 1, 2008

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I really believe that you can’t complain about the state of the industry if you don’t actively work to improve it. It’s sort of like voting. Don’t complain about the state of the world if you can’t be bothered to do your civic duty by casting a ballot, you hoser. As a result, every once […]

As a memoirist I’m chopped liver

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Okay, I haven’t posted anything since March 19th. I’ve been very busy 1. Moving into my new house with Mr. Foxypants!2. Casting TWO movies3. Trying to pay my mortgage on time But, I haven’t been too busy to be nice! I’m a terrible blogger. So shoot me. I’ll do some catch-up. I promise. I’ve been […]