Birthday Wishes

January 31, 2008 by  
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I wished for my boyfriend, Mr. Foxypants, and he came true. No really. It happened. No, I didn’t manifest him into being. It’s not like I’m Oprah or anything. I’ve had a crush on Mr. Foxypants since the moment I met him five years ago. “You have the best eyebrows EVER!” I blurted out when […]

Don’t Ever Change

My high school boyfriend is my favorite ex-boyfriend. He is the only ex-boyfriend I’d ever think about having sex with again. And not because he’s so hot (and he certainly was extra delicious in high school), but for comparison purposes. “I’m so much better, right?” That iss really the question I’d like to ask. Yes. […]

Coffee for Parking

January 27, 2008 by  
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Let me just start out by saying that I’m so grateful for the DJ gig. It really has made the difference financially for us this year. But I will be so happy when we no longer need the additional $300 a week. I’m sure I’d be crabbier about our six hour set that takes all […]

Pictures of Lily

January 26, 2008 by  
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Today, while cleaning out a cabinet, I discovered an envelope full of negatives and test prints of from Lily’s wedding. Lily was once one of my best friends. We became friends right out of college, when we were still interns. I was one of her three bridesmaids. I haven’t spoken to her in over a […]

Feeding the Homeless

January 9, 2008 by  
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I am $21,273.47 in debt. Yes, today I borrowed $3000 from my little sister so I could pay my January and February mortgage. It’s not that humiliating, seeing as this is not the first time I’ve hit her up for money. She’s obviously the responsible child in the family. Now all I have to do […]

Crispy Needs a Lawyer

January 8, 2008 by  
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My former assistant Crispy called me today to ask for help finding an entertainment lawyer to represent a new TV project he’s working on. Crispy left the business over two years ago to become a pharmaceutical salesman. And by “pharmaceutical salesman” I mean “sales rep for a multinational conglomerate,” not “crack dealing corner boy.” And […]

No Sex Please, We’re Army

January 7, 2008 by  
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I’m still feeling annoyed over the fact that I still have a huge box of bootleg movies and tv shows in my house. This annoyance is slightly overshadowed by the guilt I feel about being annoyed that Kate, my awesome bootleg DVD pipeline to soldiers in Iraq, died before she could help me declutter my […]

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