100% Free Luxury Gift For Babies! (The Mod Stash-buster Baby Sweater)

After years of trying, my friend Lauren is finally growing a penis. Yes, she’s pregnant.

I’d been struggling to find a present worthy of Lauren’s future baby for months when I found the dog-print ones-y at a girlie swap party. In addition to being totally cute, the ones-y was also totally free and looks brand new. And let me just say that I’m combing the internet for this dog fabric. Because it’s unfair that any outfit this cute doesn’t come in adult sizes.

Since I have no money for fabulous gifts, and even though one of my goals this year is to empty my crafty crap bureau of stashed yarn and fabric, I couldn’t afford to refuse the offer of free robin’s egg blue yarn from my friend Andrea, that just happened to match the dog ones-y perfectly. It was like knitting kismet. Or something.

At any rate, I’m pretty pleased with my mod toddler (Modler)? sweater vest that I whipped up during a day-long marathon of Battlestar Galactica reruns. The buttons and red cashmere yarn were leftovers from other projects so my total cost for the baby gift was a whopping zero dollars.

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    “100% Free Luxury Gift For Babies ” This title is not only attractable but also the Sweater is very nice. Thank you very much for your idea.

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